Go To, Board, Seek, And Seizure

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US Navy SEALs exhibit VBSS strategies for the 2004 Joint Civilian Orientation Conference.

A mixed U.S. Navy/U.S. Coast Guard VBSS group from USS Chosin (CG-sixty five) and embarked MSST employees inspects a suspected pirate dhow within the Gulf of Aden, November 2009

US Navy VBSS Team assigned to the USS Gary

Visit, board, seek, and seizure (VBSS) is the time period used by the US army and law enforcement companies for maritime boarding moves and strategies, designed to seize enemy vessels, to combat terrorism, piracy and smuggling, and to conduct customs, protection and different inspections, as hired with the aid of cutting-edge navies, marine and maritime offerings, army and police forces.United States Navy training

United States Navy schooling starts with non-lethal-weapons (NLW) schooling and coping with which include withstanding OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) “pepper spray” after which movements directly to Security Reaction Force-Basic (SRF-B), Security Reaction Force-Advanced (SRF-A), and VBSS. The initial schooling continuum consists of three publications lasting a total of 8 weeks, with a few crew contributors receiving additional comply with-on training. Skills taught in the VBSS Close Quarters Battle (CQB) courses encompass tactical movement and capturing, shielding approaches, rappelling, looking, and different team talents. Some devices, known as Helicopter Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (HVBSS) groups have been skilled to speedy rope aboard vessels from helicopters.

Regular sailors within the Navy are eligible to serve aboard VBSS groups depending on the ship’s command structure. The majority of US Naval ships that installation VBSS groups are smaller ships including guided missile destroyers, guided missile frigates, etc. VBSS groups are used to combat illegal narcotics and fingers trafficking and piracy.

USN VBSS groups are normally armed with Mk 18 or M4 carbines as well as Mossberg 500 shotguns and Beretta M9 pistols. The body armor is normally of the kevlar, regulation enforcement type with ballistic plate inserts and a buoyant tactical vest that doubles as a existence preserver.United States Marine Corps

Marines from the twenty fourth Marine Expeditionary Unit behavior VBSS training

The United States Marine Corps has several devices that behavior VBSS.The top-rated VBSS force is the ARG/MEU’s Maritime Raid Force (MRF), formerly called the Maritime Special Purpose Force.Additionally the diverse Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams are educated to varying levels of skillability in VBSS.MRF

The MRF is a sub-unit of the ARG/MEU this is venture-prepared for every particular undertaking.However, it normally consists of three platoons: a Force Reconnaissance Platoon as the assault detail, an Amphibious Reconnaissance Platoon because the support element, and a Battalion Landing Team infantry platoon as the security element.Together these shape the backbone of the MRF and are normally augmented with the aid of: Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians, Counter-Intelligence/Human Intelligence, Joint terminal attack controllers, Military facts guide operators, United States Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachments, and Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear specialists, amongst others as needed.

The spine platoons and enablers are then married with the needed aid property for a specific assignment, together with USN and USMC aircraft and small boats.Integral to the ARG/MEU construct, and bringing to bear the entire variety of ARG/MEU abilities, the MRF is a conventional force this is able to many ‘SOF-like’ missions, along with antagonistic VBSS.United States Coast Guard

Central Command Area of Responsibility (Jan. 12, 2004) – Fire Controlman 2d Class Enrico Tatad, assigned to the guided missile cruiser USS Valley Forge (CG 50) asks the captain of a cargo deliver if there is an working copier on board. Many files are copied and brought lower back to USS Valley Forge for destiny reference. Tatad is undertaking a VBSS inspection. Valley Forge is presently forward deployed conducting Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIOs) in the Central Command Area of Responsibility in aid of United Nations sanctions towards Iraq.

The U.S. Coast Guard is some other carrier that generally responds to VBSS scenarios. Law enforcement boarding groups from cutters and stations are typically armed with SIG P229 pistols, Remington M870P shotguns, and M16 rifles or presently the M-four SOPMOD, specifically the MK 18. Additionally, the Coast Guard has some of specialized units within its Deployable Operations Group which have superior boarding abilities.See alsoMaritime Interdiction Operations (MIO)Maritime Security Operations (MSO)Military operations apart from warfare (MOOTW)MV Magellan Star (Opposed VBSS by means of fifteenth MEU MRF)External hyperlinksEverything a Maritime Operator desires Board and SeizeMarines TV: thirty first MEU Force Reconnaissance Marines conduct VBSS workout Defense Video & Imagery Distribution SystemMarines TV Headlines: VBSS Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System(USS) Paul Hamilton Completes Hands-on Search and Seizure Training US NavyVessel Board Search & Seizure (VBSS) Images RIMPAC 2006U.S., Canadian Navies Challenge Skills Military.comRoyal Navy Boarding’s Clamp down on Illegal Activities at Sea VBSS motion to clamp down on fuel smuggling.